Hello, and welcome to the AnthonyDissen.com website. The site is all about education, and pointing readers to a variety of resources that we believe will be of most interest and use to you, individually and collectively. We do want to try not to pigeonhole ourselves into a singular “box,” however, and hope to keep things fairly fluid.

By that, we mean that just because you may see an article about diet or nutrition (to use one example) does not necessarily mean you will only see articles on the subject of food, diet, etc. You may find that the next article is about mitigating mold from your home (ok, I admit that this does somewhat fit into the topic of health!).

But then, you may find that one of our writers asks to post a story about something totally unrelated. We want to allow our friends to put forth the things that interests them, because you never know when such a piece is of interest to you! So, please bear with us as we get things going! Thanks for coming to the site, and we’ll look forward to serving you up some good stories soon.